Muscle Car Memorabilia, or ‘MCM’, was born out of the inner city suburbs of Melbourne. Our vision is simple; to bring back to life the most iconic muscle cars of our era. 


From Legendary Aussie & American Muscle to Exotic European Classics, we have a remarkable range of memorabilia that upholds and respects the beauties that they are!


Our passion is your passion, and this is reflected in the range of products we provide.

From our high quality anti-tear posters to our 100% Acrylic solid collector pieces, all of our artwork comes ready to hang on your walls. 

MCM has the perfect gift for any car fanatic out there.


We are very pedantic of the vehicles we select to photograph. Before we embark on taking the vehicle to the photo studio, we first consider the chosen vehicles uniqueness, story and place in Motorsport history before we present them on print.

Legends live on, and here at MCM we strive to keep the spirit of some of the greatest eras of Motorsport alive!

Capturing the vehicles perfection 

As you can imagine, the process to produce a final print is quite vigorous!

Once we have selected the vehicle, we transport it to a professional photo studio. 
Upon arrival we have a team of detailer's go over the entire vehicle to clean any imperfections.

When we are satisfied with the standard of the vehicle, we begin the photography process. With the help of car skates on each wheel, the man power of positioning the vehicle in a wide array of angles and a very, and I mean VERY patient photographer, we begin transforming what is only a car in a white room into high quality artwork.

All our prints are from start to end produced right here in Australia, including our printing. We only use the highest quality printing materials and workmanship to deliver you our one of a kind product.

The production line

Here at MCM we take pride and passion in what we do. Below are some clips of how we manufacture our products.

Our prints are not just printed from a commercial printer onto standard poster paper, rather, we only use the highest quality of materials to ensure we deliver the highest quality finish and detail on our products for our customers.